Back-to-School Safety Tips

It’s that time of the year again when our little ones and teens start their weekly treks to and fro school. Whether you drop them off, they walk, or they drive themselves, it’s important to remind your children about the necessary precautions to take when on the road and at school. From the playground to driving responsibilities, all children need to be aware of the risks that can lead to personal injuries.

Personal injuries can be very traumatizing for your child, and insurance agencies don’t always work as morally or effectively as they should. That’s why you need attorneys like Millin & Millin PLLC who will help you pursue the matter in an aggressive, yet meticulous manner, until you obtain the resolution you deserve.

Our lawyers at Millin & Millin PLLC are dedicated to your family and want to protect your loved ones by providing you with a few back-to-school safety tips to get them back home and safe in their bed every night.

Safety on the playground

The National Program for Playground Safety reports that 80 percent of playground injuries are caused by falls. That’s why it is important to remind your child to remain aware of their surroundings at all times and to avoid running on or jumping off of playground equipment. Also, make sure your child’s playground equipment is free from dangerous protrusions that can lead to wounds or head entrapment hazards that can cause serious neck injuries. Your child should also be adequately supervised, either by their teacher during school or by you during visits to the park.

School bus safety

Thousands of school buses safely transport millions of children throughout the U.S. every year, and though there is the occasional accident that makes national headlines, buses are a traditionally safe mode of transportation. However, there are some guidelines your child should follow to prevent injury.

The first thing is for your child to avoid running to the bus or waiting on the street as the bus approaches. Let them know to wait away from the street and to not approach the bus until it has come to a complete stop. Once on the bus, students should be seated at all times and keep the aisles clear of all books and backpacks. Also, remind them to avoid being unnecessarily loud or from behaving in a manner that could distract the bus driver.

When getting off the bus, remind your child to walk on the sidewalk at least 5 large steps ahead of the bus before attempting to cross a street. Your child should be able to see the bus driver and the bus driver should be able to see them.

Don’t walk and text

Your child staring attentively at their phones while walking to school or home is a recipe for disaster. Remind your children, especially teenagers, that it is vital that they remain alert and to avoid texting and walking with headphones on. They should also stick to the sidewalks at all times, rather that on the street, and only cross at crosswalks. Also, explain to them the dangers of horseplay while walking and warn them about making unnecessary movements into the street.

With the advent of smartphones, tablets, and other such tech gadgetry, it’s too easy for your child to become distracted. This can severely increase their risk of danger from traffic and other hazards along the way.

Keep backpacks light

A heavy load on the back of a small child is an injury waiting to happen. That’s why the American Chiropractic Association recommends a backpack weigh no more than 10 percent of a child’s weight as anything above this mark can lead to back and shoulder pain as well as poor posture.

Remind your teenager to leave books at their lockers between classes and to use both shoulder straps to spread the weight out evenly.

Another great idea, if the school allows it, is to purchase your child a backpack on wheels so they don’t have to worry about lugging around an extremely heavy weight load all day.

Concussion care

Children and teenagers playing sports are at a higher risk of suffering from concussions. While football is commonly considered the most risky sport for physical injury, other sports such as soccer are also known to cause high rates of concussions.

If your child suffers an injury to the head, then pay close attention to symptoms of concussions which include: feeling sleepy, confusion, forgetfulness, glassy eyes, poor balance, slowed speech, or changes in behavior. If you notice any of these symptoms in your child, immediately take them to the hospital so they can be evaluated and receive proper medical care.

Tips for your teen drivers

Teen crashes spike during the school year, especially during the hours that school begins and lets out. It’s exceedingly important that you have a conversation with your teen driver to help prevent them from hurting themselves or others on the road.

The most important rules for your teen driver to follow are:

  1. No Cell Phones While Driving
  2. No Extra Passengers
  3. No Speeding
  4. No Alcohol or Drugs
  5. No Driving or Riding Without a Seat Belt

It’s important to also remind them about safety procedures around buses. When a bus has its red overhead lights flashing, and its STOP sign out, then ALL traffic from BOTH directions must stop at least 20 feet from the school bus. Remind them to remain stopped until the flashing red lights have been turned off and the bus has begun to resume its travels.

Also, tell them to keep an eye out for pedestrians and bicyclists on the road. It’s important they give the right of way to pedestrians at crosswalks and to always focus on the road ahead. Driving recklessly with multiple passengers can lead to some very serious injuries that could have been prevented.

Of course, even the most safety conscious person can fall victim to the negligence of another. If this happens to you or a loved one, Millin & Millin PLLC will help you fight your personal injury claim. Millin & Millin PLLC is proud of our outstanding reputation and ability to successfully help clients in every imaginable type of personal injury case – especially when the insurance company is acting unethically. Give us a call at 956-631-5600 to find out how we can serve your legal needs.

Millin & Millin PLLC wishes you and your family a safe start to the school year!