The Case That Exposed Fraudulent Insurance Practices

Can we trust our auto insurance companies to protect the public when a motor vehicle accident occurs? These big bad wolf companies disguise themselves as public protectors, but when it comes down to protecting they look the other way. Auto insurance companies lie, defraud and steal from victims injured in motor vehicle accidents and leave […]

Tips for When Your Insurance Company Won’t Pay Your Claims

It’s no secret that insurance companies tend to react slowly, especially when it comes to claims.  And in all likelihood, if you’re having to submit an insurance claim, then you’re probably going through a horrid situation.  Having to fight for your what’s rightfully owed to you shouldn’t even be an issue, but if that’s the […]

A Haunting Truth

A startling discovery reveals that life insurance companies have secretly avoided paying out billions of dollars worth of policies to unknowing families.   April 20, 2016   With age comes a little wisdom and you begin to realize you’re not going to live forever.  Family becomes your priority and the all important life insurance policy […]

Gina Millin Presents Findings to McAllen School Board

When it comes to important educational matters, the attorneys of Millin & Millin believe that involvement in the local education system is vital to the future of our children and, by extension, our community. Earlier this year, the Facilities Forecast Advisory Committee (FFAC) visited all of McAllen Independent School District’s facilities to identify any needs […]

John Millin Evaluates McAllen’s New Zoning Proposal

The attorneys of Millin & Millin believe legal representation involves more than advocating for clients’ rights. It involves engagement with the local community and taking on important issues. As a member of McAllen’s Planning and Zoning Commission, John Millin recently gave his take on a preliminary proposal to re-examine zoning for agricultural open-space land throughout […]

Texas Ranks Second in “America’s Top States for Business” List

Texan entrepreneurs and business owners can rejoice and take comfort in the fact that they are at a distinct advantage, according to a recent study conducted by CNBC. The state’s strong economy combined with its technology, infrastructure and innovation has helped it reach the number two spot on “America’s Top States for Business” list. This […]