For two decades, Millin & Millin, PLLC has represented hundreds of policyholders in their fight against insurance companies who wrongfully denied or underpaid their commercial property insurance claims. During this time, our firm has litigated claims for business interruption and property damage for hotels, retail centers, churches, office buildings, warehouses, and public schools all over the country.

Due to the government’s decision to issue shelter-in-place orders because of the COVID-19 virus, we know that many business owners are suffering tremendous losses in revenue. While many have coverage for business interruption and orders issued by a civil authority, we expect the industry to attempt to avoid paying trillions of dollars in legitimate claims. Insurance agents and adjusters will tell you that your building must sustain “direct physical loss or damage” before coverage is triggered, but we know this is not always the case.

Simply put, insurers will save themselves money by issuing a broad range of wrongful denials, and they will eventually settle the relatively small proportion of lawsuits filed by policyholders who are willing to fight for what is rightfully their money. Millin & Millin, PLLC is uniquely qualified to represent consumers like you in this battle. Call or email us today so that we can conduct a free review of your policy and provide you with advice you need to make the appropriate decision for your business during this tumultuous time.

If your business was closed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and your business insurance claim denied or underpaid, contact us now.

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