Oh Hail! What do I do?

The largest report of hail this year near McAllen was 1.75 inches. Don’t wait around for hail to damage your home and vehicle. Prepare ahead of time and protect your property. It is imperative that a homeowner knows what to do in the event that their home is damaged by hail.

Hail can cause a wide range of damage to a home and vehicle. Insurance companies don’t always make it easy to file a hail damage claim and some claims are not always accepted. Homeowners find themselves having difficulty with claims and compensation for payments that have already been towards any damages to the home. Hail damage is often unseen when looking at the roof from below, at which point it is necessary to bring in an experienced professional to inspect the area. The inspector must be licensed and insured to be credible and to securely work on the damaged area.

Hail storms can cause extensive damage to homes, especially to the property’s roof. Leaks in the ceiling, insulation failure and electrical issues are just a few of the problems that can occur if a roof is not repaired after a hail storm. It is highly important that these repairs be made as quickly as possible so that any further damage may be prevented. When obtaining a professional to inspect the damages to your property consider that some insurance companies have a tendency to refute many justifiable claims. It is best to hire an external inspector to verify and document all of the damages to the house and roof; the inspector’s report may reveal more damage than the insurance adjuster’s originally discovered. Even the most minuscule holes that are found can lead to long term damage and deterioration of the home and roof. There may even be cracks in the walls from water pressure; it is important to get a full and detailed report of all damages to the home. Even if the cracks and holes seem insignificant, a claim to your insurance company for hail damage is still valid.

Homeowners, check your insurance policy before having the roof inspected. Not all policies cover hail damage and without being covered for hail, a claim cannot be filed. However, if hail damage is included in the policy then the policyholder should contact their insurance company immediately. The policyholder will be asked a series of questions by an insurance company representative in reference to the damage to the home and any other relevant information. After the claim has been initiated, the insurance company will send an adjuster to inspect the roof and any other affected areas of the home. If the homeowner decides to hire an external professional then both the professional and the adjuster may review the damages and compare notes. After the damages have been reviewed an estimate will be made. Unfortunately, there are instances where the adjuster does not find any damages to the home and the inspector disagrees. The inspector will have to provide additional information to justify the claim.

Homeowners may have to pay the deductible to the hired inspector. However, if the claim is approved, the insurance company may pay the remaining balance to the inspector or to the policyholder who in return must pay the inspector what is rightfully owed.

Homeowners please be cautious and carefully read and comprehend your insurance policy. Claims can be denied if the required documentation is unavailable at which point a once valid claim will be revoked and the insurance company can claim any damage that is discovered to be prior to the existing situation. Also if a policy has been recently renewed or opened within a short period of time of the damage, the insurance company can claim that the damage or any other issues to the home will not be covered under the policy.

Once the damage to your home is proven to be valid and you have been in contact with your insurance company, you may need an attorney. An attorney can ensure that the insurance company pays for the damages. Although you may not have to go to court, an attorney can assist with the claim in order to make certain that it is properly covered by the homeowners insurance.

At Millin & Millin, we are dedicated to cover the holes and the cracks that are affecting your quality of living. We will ensure that your homeowners insurance company pay out what is owed to you and that damages to your home be repaired as quickly as possible. Let us help you protect your property.