Seeking Compensation Through COVID-19 Business Interruption Claims

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact not only on the American people, but also on the economy. Many businesses are closed in order to do their part to slow the spread. Because of this, business interruption relief is in high demand.

Unfortunately, many businesses are seeing their claims denied, even if their policy doesn’t exclude viruses. 

In order to get the relief they need, many business owners have begun suing their insurance providers. Whether you’ve had your claim denied or simply want to ensure the strength of your claim in the first place, you may wish to seek the advice of a McAllen business interruption denial lawyer.

COVID-19 Business Losses

The pandemic has brought with it more than just illness. There are twin pandemics that have accompanied it. 

For instance, many individuals and business owners are facing financial crises due to widespread anxiety, restrictions, and stay-at-home orders. To be clear, social distancing and staying home are essential parts of an effort to combat the virus. However, while these efforts are necessary, they also deeply impact businesses and the economy in general.

These hardships seem to be unavoidable in a pandemic, but that makes insurance policies and government aid all the more important. Despite this, many businesses have had their business interruption claims denied by insurers who claim their services were never meant to address these sorts of losses. An increasing number of business owners have filed suits against their insurers in order to seek relief.

If your business interruption was denied, you may need to take your insurance company to court to seek any compensation you may be owed. Meanwhile, many state governments and the national government are considering legislative solutions to this coverage issue. All of this can make the process of filing a business interruption claim in the first place even more confusing, unfortunately.

The Third Wave

In truth, deaths and cases of COVID-19 have risen and fallen countless times over the course of the pandemic, but those small changes can be averaged into distinct “waves.” According to data reported by The New York Times, the U.S. experienced an initial peak in cases in late April and another, much higher wave in mid-July.

Currently, the country appears to be approaching another peak. In fact, cases on October 23 were at an all-time high. It’s likely that the pandemic, and the precautions needed to combat, aren’t going anywhere for some time. 

And it’s possible that tighter restrictions may be called for either nationally or locally in order to get the virus under control.

Your Business Interruption Policy

The key to getting the business interruption compensation you need during this time is understanding your insurance policy. In order to determine if your policy covers losses such as those caused by COVID-19, you will need to identify any exclusions that may apply. 

If you’re unsure if there is a virus exclusion in your policy, we recommend seeking legal assistance from a business interruption denial lawyer.

Even if your policy doesn’t have a virus exclusion, your claim may still be denied. Insurance companies know that many, if not most, of their policyholders, will be filing claims. However, insurance companies are also in the business of making money. Because of this, they will take any possible opportunity to deny your claim.

Filing a Claim With the Business Interruption Denial Lawyers of Millin & Millin

COVID-19 is hurting us all right now, but we can make it through this pandemic by supporting each other. One of the best ways to slow the spread is by simply going out less. However, this drop in foot-traffic has made staying afloat difficult for businesses across the country.

One life-preserver many business owners are reaching for is business interruption insurance. If you’re considering this option, the McAllen business interruption denial lawyers of Millin and Millin can help you analyze your policy in order to improve the strength of your claim. If you filed a business interruption claim only to receive a denial, we can help you challenge your insurance company in order to seek any relief you are owed.


If your business interruption claim was denied or if you’re considering filing for the first time, the business interruption lawyers of Millin and Millin can help.

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