Texas Ranks Second in “America’s Top States for Business” List

Texan entrepreneurs and business owners can rejoice and take comfort in the fact that they are at a distinct advantage, according to a recent study conducted by CNBC. The state’s strong economy combined with its technology, infrastructure and innovation has helped it reach the number two spot on “America’s Top States for Business” list.

This is terrific news for anyone wanting to pursue a journey in entrepreneurism. The business litigation attorneys of Millin & Millin want your business, large or small, to succeed and will do the best they can to ensure its protection.

Texas: Good for Business

Each state was measured by CNBC on 10 key business and economic development factors in order to determine an appropriate and definitive ranking. These factors included the low cost of doing business and the strength of a state’s economy, as well as its infrastructure and transportation conditions.

All 50 states were ranked based on feedback from business groups, companies, economic development experts and the states themselves. The study concluded that as far as business-friendly climates go, Texas is definitely a contender for having one of the best in the nation.

Making Strides in the Business World

As this nationwide study shows, business continues to thrive in the Lone Star State. It’s important for potential and current business owners to consult with a business litigation attorney before exploring any entrepreneurial venture.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes must comply with regulations to protect themselves against a variety of potential legal liabilities. The business litigation attorneys of Millin & Millin understand the legal issues faced by many Texas businesses and can help you create a strategy to protect your company.