Tips for When Your Insurance Company Won’t Pay Your Claims

It’s no secret that insurance companies tend to react slowly, especially when it comes to claims.  And in all likelihood, if you’re having to submit an insurance claim, then you’re probably going through a horrid situation.  Having to fight for your what’s rightfully owed to you shouldn’t even be an issue, but if that’s the case, here are a few tips to help you during those dire days.

Use That Tech

The first step you want to take before submitting a claim is to utilize technological resources to your advantage.  That means using insurers’ apps, Web tools, smart-phones, and various tools to help you prepare the evidence for your claim.  By being proactive, you should hopefully be able to take a few measures towards securing your monies, or at the very least, helping yourself build a meaningful “offensive” strategy should the insurance company initially deny you.

Understand Your Policy

The devil is in the details and it’s no different with insurance policies.  Your understanding of the fine print will be advantageous in providing you the best insight into what your claim requirements will be.  It will be necessary for you to know exactly what your policy covers, the claim process, how quickly you can submit, and the manner by which damage estimation is calculated.

Knowing your rights is also essential when disputing a denial.  This information should be explicitly detailed in a policy or during discussions with an agent or with an experienced insurance attorney like Gina Millin.

In fact, it’s highly recommended to have an attorney assist you through the disputing process so that all legalities and specifics are properly explained for you.  Legal support can also mean depositions are less emotionally taxing, which is vital when providing details about an accident or values of possessions – especially when large sums are on the line.

Keep Track of Those Records

Often it seems like insurance firms are eager to receive that monthly premium, but not as willing to provide that same level of promptness during the claims processes.  That’s why it is exceedingly vital that you maintain immaculate records to provide yourself with meaningful reinforcement for those evasive insurance agents.

Make sure you maintain records of who you spoke with, as well the dates and times of these interactions.  You should also write down specifics of what was discussed.

Last, but not least, you should also consider doing a video-tour of your home to record all the valuables you have insured.  When completed, you should safeguard this video in a deposit safebox.

Don’t Give Up

The reality is that most disputes are efficiently and ethically handled by insurance companies.  But there are times that claims can go awry and situations can get a bit out of hand – it can be very frustrating.  However, it’s your responsibility to keep contact and save records of the entire process.

If you’re dealing with health insurance policies the delay may simply be a matter of providing some additional paperwork to prove the validity of the claim.

If it’s house insurance issues, every state has an insurance department that provides free services to ensure you’re getting what you are legally entitled to under your policy.

When dealing with auto policies, there’s always the ability to make a case as to why your vehicle is worth more than the appraiser estimates.

Regardless of the particular situation you may be in, you can always fight for what is rightfully yours and Millin and Millin is here to help. We want to be sure that your rights aren’t being ignored.  We’ve represented hundreds of individuals against the illegal tactics of major corporations and have helped secure the rightful benefits of individuals from a variety of situations.

So if you’re unsure of where to turn to next, contact Millin & Millin at 956.631.5600 for the guidance you need.