Getting Home Insurance Coverage For Wind Damage

If you’ve been living in Texas for a while, you know just how strong the wind can get. While it may not seem like a weather condition that can do a lot of damage, wind damage claims are the most common seen by homeowners in the U.S.

Continue reading to learn how to file an insurance claim for wind damage and how your bad faith insurance legal team can help.

Will Home Insurance Cover Your Wind Damage?

For most home insurance policies, wind damage is any damage to the structure of your home caused by wind-related weather conditions. These conditions can include rain, thunderstorms, tornadoes, hailstorms, and hurricanes. Your home insurance policy may contain dwelling coverage that can pay for the repair or replacement of damages in your home. It’s important to note that each homeowner’s insurance policy may vary depending on the state and insurance company, so you must review your policy before moving forward with a claim.

The Types of Wind Damage Covered By Home Insurance 

Because wind can be so unpredictable, the damage it causes to your house can vary in every circumstance. So now that you’re facing wind damage, you may wonder whether your home insurance will cover the damages. While you should always review your policy, the types of wind damage that home insurance may cover include:

  • • Roof — If you have a base-level insurance policy, it may only cover your roof for damages other than wind or hail. However, each policy is different, and the amount covered by insurance may depend on the roof’s age and any damage that existed before the wind-related incident.
  • • Siding — Because siding serves as a way to protect and create a cohesive look to your home, home insurance may also cover it. Often, professionals can match the replacement siding closely to the existing material on your home.
  • • Windows — If a wind-related incident causes any of your windows to break, your insurance will likely cover it due to the vulnerability of the windows on your home.
  • • Fences — Depending on your insurance policy, fences may fall under structure coverage. If you have this coverage, your policy may cover your fence damage due to wind incidents. 

Depending on your policy, you may get additional coverage for other damages caused by wind. If you’re unsure about your coverage or how your policy works, don’t be afraid to ask questions to better understand how you’re protected.

The Process of Filing a Wind Damage Insurance Claim

If you’ve recently had a severe weather event in your area, you may suspect damage to your home. While you should inspect each area and document any damages, don’t enter areas that could be dangerous to your health and safety. Once you’ve checked the area, take the following steps to file a claim:

  • • Review your insurance policy
  • • Take photos and videos for documentation
  • • Record the date, time, and description of the damage
  • • Store your valuables away from your home
  • • File your claim

Filing a claim can be overwhelming as you attempt to get the proper documentation and evidence for your insurance company. If you’re unsure how to file a claim properly, you may need the assistance of an attorney.

Get Compensation For Your Wind Damage With Help From Millin & Millin

Wind can cause a great deal of damage to your home, leaving you with substantial repair and replacement costs. While your home insurance should cover some of the damages, you may have trouble with the claims process.

If you’re filing a wind damage insurance claim and are unsure what coverage you’ll receive, reach out to your bad faith insurance legal team of Millin & Millin today for a free case evaluation.

If your home has been struck by wind damage, reach out to your insurance lawyers at Millin & Millin for help with your claim.

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