Getting Home Insurance Coverage For Wind Damage

If you’ve been living in Texas for a while, you know just how strong the wind can get. While it may not seem like a weather condition that can do a lot of damage, wind damage claims are the most common seen by homeowners in the U.S. Continue reading to learn how to file an […]

Actual Cash Value vs.Recoverable Cash Value: What’s the Difference?

Let’s face it – fully understanding your insurance coverage can be an overwhelming task, especially when it comes to the language used in your contract. If you have to file an insurance claim and it’s denied, it can be difficult to know if you were denied in bad faith because of the volume of unfamiliar […]

Large-Loss Claim Denial: What You Can Do To Prevent It

The loss of property is an unfortunate circumstance that no policyholder wants to have to deal with. The only thing that can make it worse is to hear that your large-loss insurance claim has been denied.  If your claim is rejected, especially as a result of bad faith, you need to know who to turn […]

Bad Faith and Breach of Contract: What’s the Difference?

Every day, millions of people receive the news that their bad faith insurance claims were denied for a variety of reasons. However, in many circumstances, those claims are rejected unfairly or incorrectly. While they may sound like the same thing, denied insurance claims as a result of bad faith and breach of contract aren’t quite […]

How Insurance Lawyers Prove Bad Faith in Court

For as long as the insurance industry has existed, people have had their insurance claims denied. Unfortunately, in many cases, these claims were denied in an attempt to safeguard the insurance company’s profits rather than protect the claimant.  This is what insurance lawyers refer to as an insurance claim being denied “in bad faith.” The […]

Disasters and Damaged Homes: Restoration Assessment and You

Property damage, whether it be to our valuables, cars, or in this case, homes, is something that most people have had to deal with in their lives. However, if a natural disaster or other emergency causes damage to your home, it’s key to understand how to assess restoration costs. The bad faith insurance lawyers at […]

Reasons Your Health Insurance Claim Might Be Denied

Unfortunately, accidents happen and things don’t always go as planned. An insurance claim that’s denied only adds to the frustration of an already difficult situation. People end up in predicaments like this all the time, but why and how? While some claims are denied in bad faith, there are many reasons why a health insurance […]

The Types of Damages Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers Can Help You Recover

Imagine a scenario in which your insurance claim is denied in bad faith, and the only remaining option is to file a lawsuit. Bad faith insurance lawyers can certainly help you go down this path, but you may have specific questions involving compensation for damages.  Many individuals in this type of situation may ask themselves, […]

When Are Companies Legally Able To Deny Your Insurance Claim?

Although there are many cases in which an insurance claim is denied in bad faith, there are also many instances in which the denial is valid. How will you know whether or not the decision was appropriate and ethical?  The bad faith insurance lawyers at Millin and Millin are professionals who can help you determine […]

How to File a Bad Faith Lawsuit When Your Insurance Claim Is Denied

Your insurance claim has been denied and you’ve tried everything outside of legal action to get your problem resolved. At this point, you feel that the only recourse you have left is to file a lawsuit against your insurance company for acting in bad faith – so how do you go about accomplishing this? Bad […]