Gina Millin Presents Findings to McAllen School Board

When it comes to important educational matters, the attorneys of Millin & Millin believe that involvement in the local education system is vital to the future of our children and, by extension, our community. Earlier this year, the Facilities Forecast Advisory Committee (FFAC) visited all of McAllen Independent School District’s facilities to identify any needs and evaluate the state of our children’s educational environment.

A Committee Centered on Students

The FFAC is a community-based endeavor that consists of nearly 130 members and is made up of teachers, district staff, students and parents, along with members of the business community. Gina K. Millin and Mike Blum, co-chairs for the FFAC, presented their findings to the school board based on the information gathered through a study conducted over the previous nine months. Findings revealed that nearly half of all McAllen ISD campuses and auxiliary buildings are over forty years old and in desperate need of some major renovations.

Shaping the Community

“McAllen ISD has done a great job of building new, beautiful schools, but there are a lot of old facilities in our district that need some attention,” Millin told the board. She added, “Despite the facility, whether it’s old or new, MISD teachers are making the best use of what they have.” (Source: The Monitor) Buildings, like homes, go through much use and abuse, warranting minor repairs being made on a regular basis. However, after many years, a more exhautive approach becomes necessary.

Extending Our Reach

At Millin & Millin, we believe our values rest not only on what we accomplish in the legal profession, but also on what we can do to shape our local community. Our goal is to ensure that the learning environment we provide for our children reflects the ideals and potential of the public.