John Millin Evaluates McAllen’s New Zoning Proposal

The attorneys of Millin & Millin believe legal representation involves more than advocating for clients’ rights. It involves engagement with the local community and taking on important issues. As a member of McAllen’s Planning and Zoning Commission, John Millin recently gave his take on a preliminary proposal to re-examine zoning for agricultural open-space land throughout the city.

Will Problems Arise?

In April 2014, the Commission reviewed the proposal that might fuel development by designating agricultural open-space land for future residential and commercial purposes. Proposed zoning changes may cause complaints regarding favoritism and trigger other problems, according to Millin.

“I hope that the city and the commissioners are going to appreciate what I foresee as a very delicate situation, where you’re going to be essentially picking and choosing who you’re going to overrule when they object and who you’re not going to overrule,” Millin said. (Source: The Monitor)

Serving the Community and Clients

Always working to better serve the community and their clients, the attorneys of Millin & Millin are steadfast in their dedicated pursuit of justice. This new zoning proposal is a concern for Mr. Millin, who expects this to create issues for certain landowners seeking rezoning exemptions, possibly having a major impact on McAllen’s future development.