Know Who to Trust: Call a Lawyer Before Your Insurance Company

When you have suffered a personal injury accident, it’s logical that the first step you will want to take is to call your insurance company. Naturally, you’ll want to start the process of having your insurer take care of you – and that makes total sense.

The problem is, your insurance company may start to act in bad faith, failing to provide you the benefits you are owed or pressuring you to agree to a settlement for less than you deserve.

Suffering an accident is hard enough, but having to deal with an insurance company on top of that can be completely overwhelming. Thankfully, you don’t have to go at it alone.

An insurance attorney can make sure your insurance provider isn’t trying to take advantage of you and can negotiate on your behalf. If you’re feeling overwhelmed after a personal injury accident, contact Millin & Millin today.

Insurance Companies May Not Have Your Best Interest at Heart

Even when insurance companies don’t outwardly act in bad faith, they still may try to have you agree to a settlement for less than you deserve. Insurance companies stay in business by keeping payouts low, so they may challenge your description of the incident or ask you to jump through hoops in order to frustrate you into taking whatever settlement they offer. At times, insurance companies and their adjusters may make unreasonable demands on information to provide them in an attempt to stretch out the duration of your claim, causing you to pass the statute of limitations to complete your claim.  

A trustworthy insurance claim lawyer, on the other hand, will always keep your needs first. An attorney familiar with the process of making insurance claims can make sure that everything in your case goes smoothly, providing you the legal guidance you need to avoid any pitfalls.  

Once You Sign Something, You Can’t Un-Sign It

Insurance companies like to rush claimants into settling quickly in order to keep settlements low. If you sign legally binding documents right away, only to later discover that you were more seriously injured than you thought, you will likely be unable to recover any additional money for medical bills and other costs associated with treatment.

It can also be hard to tell exactly what you’re agreeing to. Insurance companies may try to convince you to sign a full release when you think you’re signing a property damage release. Insurance companies may pressure you into signing medical release forms. 

In general, it’s best to check with an attorney before you sign anything from an insurance company.

Insurance Talk Can Be Confusing

Speaking of full releases, property damage releases, settlements, negligence, liability, fault — insurance talk can be downright confusing. If you attempt to negotiate with an insurance company on your own, they will use your lack of experience against you. 

At times, insurance adjusters will take advantage of the situation and utilize their experience to make the process as intimidating as possible. But a dependable attorney will fight and make sure the insurance company gives you the compensation you deserve.

Insurance Companies Can Use Your Words Against You

In most cases, insurance companies record conversations with their clients. Even if you feel you’re having a friendly conversation and feel safe confiding in the adjuster, it’s important to remember that your adjuster works for a billion-dollar company trying to be as profitable as possible. 

Just telling the truth can reveal facts that your insurance company has no right to know and no right to ask for. Your best bet is to wait until you have legal guidance on how best to approach the situation or a lawyer who can adequately negotiate on your behalf.

You Need Expert Advice

The bottom line is, insurance companies can leave you out to dry if you don’t have legal representation. The insurance process is anything but intuitive, and it should be taken very seriously- especially when it comes to your physical and financial well-being.

While your case may seem simple to you, the reality is that many factors can come into play, affecting your ability to secure the benefits that are rightfully yours. On the other hand, if there are other complicating factors you don’t know about, hiring an attorney can mean the difference between getting the compensation you need and not having enough for your medical bills or other financial needs. 

Millin & Millin, Your Insurance Claim Attorney

Insurance companies may not always act in good faith because they are too concerned with their bottom line.

Your lawyer’s job is to protect you, not a billion-dollar company. The dedicated attorneys at Millin & Millin will do everything in their power to make sure you get the settlement you and your family deserve.

You don’t have to face insurance companies alone. Call Millin & Millin today at (956) 631-5600 to add a team of professionals to your corner.