Millin & Millin Supports Companies During COVID-19

Trying to stay healthy and safe during the coronavirus pandemic is at the forefront of everyone’s mind right now. However, in order for social distancing to take place and be effective, businesses have had to adjust to local, state and federal mandated orders to either shut down operations or alter them significantly. 

These changes have greatly affected the revenue business owners would normally bring in during this time frame. In order to stay afloat and provide for employees, many companies have been making claims against their business interruption insurance. 

Due to the widespread need for financial help right now, insurance companies have been less accommodating to claims that are being filed. 

If your insurance company is acting in bad faith and failing to properly deal with your claim, the team at Millin & Millin want to represent you. We can challenge insurers who refuse to provide you compensation and ensure you obtain the coverage that is rightfully owed to you. 

Insurance Companies Dodge Responsibility

For a business interruption claim to be accepted, there needs to be evidence of property damage and physical loss of use of certain kinds of assets. When these kinds of claims are approved, it’s typically due to the aftermath of natural disasters, fires or acts that damage the physical aspects of your business. 

The challenge business owners are currently facing boils down to the lack of insurance law on viral pandemics. While these are unprecedented times, and the need for business interruption claims are widespread, businesses aren’t getting the help they need.

Part of the reluctance of insurers is their own efforts to save money, which causes the denial of viable claims. Because there aren’t specific laws in place regarding interruption claims made during a pandemic, it has been difficult for business owners all across the company to receive help from their insurers. 

However, this doesn’t mean it isn’t worth your time to seek out restitution with the support of qualified insurance attorneys who can handle bad faith claims.

The Shared Challenge of Business Owners

In an article from the Chicago Tribune, Thomas Bentz, an attorney on the insurance industry team at Holland & Knight said that the fight insurance companies are putting up boils down to economics.

Insurance doesn’t work where everyone has the same loss at the same time. If you have 100% loss across your portfolio, it’s not sustainable,” Bentz says. 

The article also covered how new bills are being introduced across the country to require insurance carriers to cover business interruption claims filed due to Covid-19. This is progress and evidence that the government is holding insurance companies accountable for the new reality we are all living in. Unfortunately, these bills are not being passed in ALL states. 

Millin & Millin has been working aggressively for the past two decades to represent individuals dealing with bad faith insurance companies. With our support, we’ll see to it that you are fully compensated so that you can preserve your company during these trying times. 


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