M&M: Keys To Legal Savviness in 2021: How Knowing Your Rights Is The First Step In Protecting Yourself

Keys To Legal Savviness in 2021: Know Your Rights to Protect Yourself

The pandemic has affected all of us in a wide variety of ways, few of them good. Along with the wave of harmful events that affected businesses and individuals alike came a wave of insurance claims related to that harm. Unfortunately, proving your right to compensation can be difficult, and insurance companies will often do what they can to minimize or outright deny you what you’re owed.

Because of this, it’s important for all Texans to know their rights and what they can do if those rights are challenged. Today, your committed McAllen bad faith insurance attorneys at Millin & Millin will explain how knowing your rights is the first step in protecting yourself. 

Your Rights to Compensation

The legal rights that each of us has in the U.S. are complex and varied, but one major component is our ability to seek damages for harm inflicted upon us. This includes instances such as suing for car accident damages or damages caused by a crime, while also including harm caused by negligence rather than direct action. Negligent harm occurs when an entity fails to fulfill its obligation to keep you reasonably safe.

There are many entities that owe you a guarantee of safety. Each time you enter a grocery store or walk through a parking garage, the owners of those properties are responsible for taking action to protect you from foreseeable harm. This includes using cameras, keeping floors clean, and providing adequate lighting.

You can also be a victim of harm when an entity sells you a faulty product or drug. In these cases, the seller has a responsibility to provide you a reasonably safe product. If they fail to do so, then you have the right to seek damages for any harm that you suffer as a result of using their defective product. 

While the aforementioned rights laid out primarily deal with physical injuries, you also have rights related to your property. Some of these rights are directly related to the examples above. For instance, property damage might be included in car accident compensation along with compensation for medical expenses.

Seeking Compensation through Insurance Coverage

In most cases, the compensation awarded to victims comes from an insurance claim, but those claims are usually made with the insurance company of the at-fault party. For example, if someone else causes your car accident, their insurance policy is meant to cover the damages. Similarly, if you are injured in a place of business, the insurance policy of the business owner should cover your costs.

However, there are other insurance claims that you will need to make under your own policies. These claims include claims for business interruption, property damage, and other types of business-related harm covered under your specific policy.

You have the right to make a claim against any type of damage covered in your insurance policy. Unfortunately, your insurance company may attempt to stall, mislead, or flat-out lie to you in order to avoid paying what they owe. In that case, you have the right to seek the assistance of a bad faith insurance lawyer to help you hold your insurance company accountable.

Protecting Your Rights with Millin & Millin: Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers

In many of the cases laid out above, getting the compensation you need comes down to whether or not the insurance company involved is going to act fairly. Because of this, it’s important that consumers and business owners have access to the legal representation of bad faith insurance attorneys.

Whether your house burned down or your business closed, you’re probably going to be making an insurance claim. If you feel that your insurance company is treating you unfairly or refusing to pay what you are owed, reach out to the McAllen bad faith insurance attorneys of Millin & Millin for help fighting back.

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