Tips for Fighting Against a Business Interruption Denial

Many business owners are filing business interruption claims for the first time this year. As COVID-19 has spread across the globe, shutdowns and social distancing have necessarily followed it. Businesses that rely on a healthy economy are finding themselves facing substantial financial difficulties. 

One way to seek financial support for the time your business will be closed is through a business interruption insurance claim. Unfortunately, insurance carriers know that an unprecedented number of businesses will be looking for help, and they will likely try to deny as many claims as they can to save themselves money. 

In fact, insurance companies have already begun lobbying with state and federal legislatures in order to argue they shouldn’t be made to pay these claims.

If you’ve been denied a business interruption insurance claim, the insurance lawyers of Millin and Millin can help you find a way to get the compensation you need. We would be proud to negotiate on your behalf with your insurance or in a court of law.

Making the Most of Your Business Interruption Denial Claim

Don’t Give Up

If your business interruption claim has been denied, don’t give up hope. Many businesses are making these claims due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, and insurance companies are attempting to avoid paying out as many claims as possible.

Carriers may send out notices to policyholders telling them their claims will be denied, but you should still file if you need coverage. 

There are also many ways you can argue for your right to coverage. While this may mean that you will need to adjust your claim in order to be successful, you should not accept a denial as the final answer. Circumstances surrounding the coronavirus are unique, and because of this, the process may take more adjusting than is usual but that does not mean it is impossible.

Check the Details of Your Policy

Another important part of filing and arguing an insurance claim, especially in these circumstances, is understanding your insurance policy. These policies aren’t light reading, but it’s important to have an understanding of what exactly your insurance covers. 

For instance, a policy may deny claims strictly related to a virus, but there may be coverage for business interruptions related to a civil authority’s shutdown. Finding a way to argue your claim is key, which brings us to our last point. 

Consult an Attorney

Insurance policies can be very complex and often use “legalize” or complicated language that can confuse the average individual, so it is vital that you consult with an insurance attorney as soon as you possibly can.

A lawyer can help you fight your insurance denial while you deal with other concerns caused by the interruption. Plus, utilizing the knowledge and assistance of an attorney can give you the peace of mind that you’re doing all you can to fight the denial.

McAllen Insurance Lawyers for You: Millin and Millin

Business owners are going through an incredibly difficult time. Many people are facing sickness and financial hardships, and businesses that rely on a stable economy are fighting to make ends meet. 

At Millin and Millin, we know that running a business isn’t easy in the best of times. When an insurance carrier denies a business interruption claim that you need, that doesn’t make business any easier. 

Let us help you fight your business interruption claim denial so that you can start getting back on your feet. 


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