How To Know When You Need Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers

At some point in life, you will likely have to enter into an agreement with an insurance company whether it be for healthcare, a home or office, or a car. The concept is fairly simple –  you purchase a policy to cover any losses in exchange for a monthly premium. If you receive a note from your insurer stating “insurance claim denied” despite you complying with your contract, you may be the victim of bad faith insurance tactics. 

The bad faith insurance lawyers at Millin and Millin focus on these cases of bad faith and can help you when you need it most!

Understanding What Constitutes “Bad Faith”

Before you seek legal counsel, it is important to not only review your insurance policy but also understand what “bad faith” practices are. While there is no strict definition, “bad faith” is when an insurance company behaves unfairly or unreasonably to a policyholder. 

Common instances where an insurer may be acting in bad faith include:

  • The insurance company uses:

    • • underhanded business practices
    • • misrepresentations of coverage to avoid paying a claim
    • • an undisputed aspect of the claim as necessary for paying what’s disputed
  • The insurance company fails to:

    • • administer thorough and immediate research of a claim
    • • offer a resolution in a reasonable amount of time
    • • communicate with the policyholder promptly
    • • provide the necessary amount of the claim without a valid reason
  • The insurance company unfairly or wrongfully:

    • • refuses coverage
    • • delays payment of a valid claim
    • • causes gratuitous delays by requesting further documentation
    • • fails to renew or cancels a policy
    • • demands higher premiums after a claim is filed

What To Do if You’re a Victim of Bad Faith

If you read the above scenarios and felt one or more seem familiar, then you may have been taken advantage of by your insurance provider. Don’t fret, as Millin and Millin is a firm with highly-qualified and knowledgeable bad faith insurance lawyers.

Do you believe your insurance claim was denied as the result of bad faith? Contact Millin and Millin today and get the help you need!

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