Hurricane Insurance Claim Denied? Learn the 7 Biggest Reasons Why

Hurricanes can be incredibly destructive, and that destruction can leave you without a habitable place to live. That’s why hurricane insurance coverage is so important. Unfortunately, getting hurricane coverage may not be as easy as you would hope.

The sad fact is there are many reasons why a hurricane insurance claim may be denied. If your hurricane home insurance claim has been denied, keep reading to learn about seven possible reasons why.

1. Failure To Pay Premiums

The first reason why your homeowner’s insurance claim may have been denied is a failure to pay your premiums. When you get home insurance, you agree to pay a monthly premium in exchange for coverage in case of an accident or emergency. If you don’t pay your premiums, you won’t be able to access coverage for damages.

2. Failure to File in Time

Another big reason why hurricane insurance claims are denied is a failure to file the claim within the dictated time limit. This time limit will vary from policy to policy, so it’s important that you check as soon as possible to determine how long you have to file. Many policies will give you less than a year to file your claim for relief.

3. Failure to Document Damages

Next, your hurricane insurance claim may be denied if you fail to properly document the damage sustained. You may also be denied if you fail to include damage documentation in your claim. You will need to have pictures showing the damage, an itemized list of damages, and documentation of any temporary repairs. Without this proof, your claim may be partially or fully denied.

4. Pre-Existing Home Damage

Your home insurance provider might also deny your hurricane claim by arguing that the damage actually existed before the hurricane hit. The best way to prevent this type of denial is by having pictures of your home prior to the storm. If your insurance company is arguing that your hurricane home damage wasn’t actually caused by the hurricane itself, get in touch with an insurance lawyer to learn about your options.

5. Failure To Mitigate Further Damage

After the storm has passed, it will be your responsibility as a homeowner to take any necessary and reasonable steps to prevent further damage. This might include things like boarding up broken windows or putting a tarp over a damaged roof. Don’t forget to document any money spent on repairs.

6. Failure To Prepare for the Hurricane

Perhaps most surprisingly, you can actually be denied hurricane insurance coverage if you fail to do enough to prepare your home for the storm. Basically, what this means is that your insurance company can argue that had you made the necessary preparations, the damage would not have occurred. 

If your hurricane insurance claim is denied because you failed to secure the property, you should get help from an insurance attorney to learn what steps to take next.

7. Bad Faith Hurricane Insurance Claim Denial

Finally, your hurricane insurance claim may be denied for unfair reasons. While all of the other considerations listed above can be valid reasons to deny a claim, there are also bad faith actors who will deny your claim without just cause. For instance, they may misrepresent your policy to argue that your damage wasn’t covered. If you feel your insurance claim was wrongfully denied or denied for unjust reasons, a bad faith insurance lawyer can help you find a path to compensation.

Hurricane Insurance Claim Denied? Get Help Getting Compensation

As you can see, there are many reasons why hurricane insurance claims are denied, and the steps you take after denial will vary depending on the reason for that denial. If your hurricane claim is denied, you can reach out to a bad faith insurance lawyer to learn what to do to get the coverage you’re owed. In the case of a wrongful denial, a bad faith insurance lawyer can help you file an insurance adjuster lawsuit to fight for compensation.

Here at Millin & Millin, our bad faith insurance lawyers are dedicated to helping policyholders get the financial coverage they deserve. Don’t face your insurance company alone. Get help from a Millin & Millin bad faith insurance attorney.

If your hurricane insurance claim is denied, get in touch with the McAllen bad faith insurance lawyers at Millin & Millin for help determining what you may be owed.

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