Valid Reasons Homeowner’s Insurance Claims Are Denied

Home insurance can help you feel more secure when storms come, but the truth is that getting coverage isn’t always so easy. Even when your insurance company isn’t acting in bad faith, there are several reasons why your homeowner’s insurance claim may be denied.

If your insurance claim is denied, your insurance company may or may not inform you as to why that denial occurred. An insurance attorney can help you figure out the path forward if your insurance claim is rejected.

Keep reading to learn about a few common valid reasons why homeowner’s insurance claims are denied, and get in touch with a bad faith insurance attorney to learn what coverage you may be owed.

Failure To Pay Premiums

The first and most obvious reason that claims are denied is the policyholder’s failure to pay monthly premiums. If you fail to uphold your part of your insurance agreement by paying for your monthly premiums, your insurance company may rightfully deny any claims made under that policy. If this is the reason your insurance claim was denied, you may not be able to do anything to get coverage.

Coverage Exclusions

Next, some home insurance policies will deny coverage for damage caused by specific natural events. For instance, flooding caused by rain often isn’t covered under home insurance policies. Be sure to carefully check your insurance policy for any exclusions. If you aren’t sure whether or not your claim should have been covered by your policy, you can talk to an insurance lawyer.

Late Claims

After your property is damaged, you have a limited amount of time in which to file a homeowner’s insurance claim for coverage. Usually, you have one year from the time of the damage during which to file a claim; however, this time limit can vary, so it’s important to check your specific policy. If you fail to file a claim within the amount of time specified by your policy, you may be unable to get coverage.

Failure To Prevent Further Damage

After a storm or other natural disaster has occurred, your home can be left severely damaged. Sometimes, that damage undermines the home’s integrity, potentially leading to further damage not directly caused by the initial incident. For instance, if wind damages your roof badly enough, a separate rain storm could cause significant harm to your home’s interior. That damage likely won’t be covered, and it could jeopardize your ability to get coverage for the initial roof damage.

Home Insurance Claim Denied? Get Help From a Bad Faith Insurance Attorney

Damage to your home can be incredibly inconvenient and costly, but insurance coverage is meant to cover that cost. If your homeowner’s insurance claim is denied, you could be left paying for the damage out-of-pocket. If you think your home insurance claim was wrongfully denied, you may be able to file a bad faith insurance lawsuit to get the coverage you’re owed.

Insurance companies can afford to pay high-powered legal teams to defend their judgments. Don’t put your settlement at risk by facing your insurance company alone. Get help from an experienced bad faith insurance attorney.

If your home insurance claim is denied, reach out to the McAllen insurance attorneys at Millin & Millin for help getting the coverage you may be owed.

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