Spring Showers Bring Home Insurance Claims: What You Need to Know About Rain Damage Claims

Springtime in Texas is often a welcome change! The weather is warmer, and more flowers bloom again with the rain. Although the showers bring this beautiful life back to Texas, they can also bring destruction for homeowners.

If your home has suffered rain damage, you’re probably working with your insurance company to get it repaired. Keep reading to get a better understanding of rain damage claims and how a McAllen insurance lawyer can help.

Is Rain Damage Covered By Home Insurance?

Your insurance company will cover certain types of rain damage, depending on how the rain entered your home. Most insurance companies stipulate that some kind of extreme weather condition must cause the rain to get into your house, causing damage inside your home. 

For example, if your home has rain damage due to a flood in the area, it’s likely that your home insurance won’t cover the damages. However, if an ice dam were to fall on your roof and cause it to collapse, sending rain into your home, then it would probably be covered by insurance.

The Types of Rain Damage Covered By Home Insurance

Since you can’t control the rain, you might think that most rain damage would be covered, but again, only some damage will be covered by your home insurance. Sometimes insurance companies can be quite stingy when it comes to what they will and won’t cover. Most basic home insurance policies cover the following types of rain damage:

  • • Wind-driven rain — If rain gets into your home due to damage from high wind weather events such as tornados or severe storms, your home insurance policy will typically cover the damage. 
  • • Weight of rain, snow, and ice dams — Home insurance generally covers rain damage that happens as a result of rain, snow, or ice dams breaking through the exterior of the home. The insurance policy may cover the damage to both the roof and the inside of your house.
  • • Mold — When rain gets into your home, it can result in mold. Again, depending on how the rain gets there will determine if the home insurance will cover the mold damage. 
  • • Vandalism — If your home gets broken into while you’re away, the vandals may leave a door or window open allowing rain to enter. Most home insurance policies will cover the rain damage that may occur from vandalism, but it’s important to note that each insurance company may have certain exceptions.

How To Make an Insurance Claim for Rain Damage

While the process of filing a rain damage claim will vary depending on your insurance company and how they operate, the general process is usually similar:

  • • Once you’ve noticed the damage, contact your insurance company.
  • • Be prepared to answer questions about the rain damage.
  • • Ask your insurance agent what can be done right now for your living expenses.
  • • Document each person you speak with at the insurance company for your records.

Fight For Your Rain Damage Claim With Help From Millin & Millin

Once rain makes its way into your home, the damage can be endless. As a homeowner, you may be dealing with mold, structural damage, and the loss of personal items inside your home. While many insurance companies may try to deny your claim, this doesn’t have to be the end for you.

At Millin & Millin, our team of experienced insurance lawyers knows the ins and outs of rain damage claims. If you’ve recently dealt with rain damage to your home, schedule a FREE evaluation today to get started on your case.

If your rain damage insurance claim was denied, reach out to your insurance lawyers at Millin & Millin for help with your case.

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