The Types of Damages Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers Can Help You Recover

Imagine a scenario in which your insurance claim is denied in bad faith, and the only remaining option is to file a lawsuit. Bad faith insurance lawyers can certainly help you go down this path, but you may have specific questions involving compensation for damages. 

Many individuals in this type of situation may ask themselves, “What kinds of damages could be recovered in a bad faith insurance lawsuit?”

At Millin and Millin, we have years of experience handling insurance-related lawsuits and know exactly how to approach demanding legal situations. We understand all the various types of damages that can be accounted for in lawsuits and how to best recoup your losses.

Let’s examine a general guide on what damages may be recovered through legal action.

The Damages You Can Secure in an Insurance Bad Faith Lawsuit

Generally, courts will calculate what damages are “worth” based on the losses of the plaintiff, which can range from a variety of costs. Sometimes, these charges relate to non-tangible aspects, such as emotional distress as opposed to loss of physical assets. 

These are some of the damages a plaintiff can recover from a bad faith insurance lawsuit: 

  • Interest payments
  • Insurer’s liability for judgments exceeding the policy limit
  • Non-economic damages like pain and suffering 
  • Coverage of court fees, attorney’s fees, penalties, or other economic losses
  • Damages that exceed the policy’s limits

Additionally, there may be cases where the courts will call for punitive damages to be paid, which serve to discipline the defendant rather than aid the plaintiff. Because there’s a tall requirement for a plaintiff to get back punitive damages, this usually occurs only when the insurance company is grossly out-of-line or behaving intentionally malicious. 

Courts will also consider a company’s overall wealth when they make judgments against them. This particular action works as a further deterrent to make sure the insurance company behaves ethically in the future.

If Your Insurance Claim Is Denied, You May Be Entitled to Compensation

It can be overwhelming when you try to understand the complexities of lawsuits regarding bad faith, but that’s why the experienced bad faith insurance lawyers at Millin and Millin are here to help. We want you to feel prepared and know the types of damages you may recover if your insurance claim is denied in bad faith!

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