What You Need To Know About Filing a Complaint Against Your Insurance Company

Insurance companies are a business, and as such, are always looking to make money. Insurance claims take away from their profits and so companies will take any opportunity to avoid paying out, even if that means acting in bad faith.

While bad faith insurance tactics can make you feel like you’re out of options, you do have some recourse. With the help of the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) and a bad faith insurance attorney, you can recover the compensation you deserve. 

The team at Millin and Millin explains when you should seek out the support of the Texas Dept. of Insurance and how filing a complaint with them can help you. 

Why Make a Texas Dept. of Insurance Complaint?

While many insurance claims are resolved quickly, that isn’t always the case. If you feel like you’re being treated unfairly, a TDI complaint can help. The Texas Dept. of Insurance will contact the insurance company, which may help you get the company to negotiate fairly with you. 

If your complaint is determined to be valid, there will be consequences for your insurance company. They can face fines or even lose their insurer’s license.

When You Should Make a TDI Complaint

TDI complaints help you fight back against bad faith tactics used by insurance companies. Here are a few common bad-faith tactics:

  • • Offering you less than your claim is worth
  • • Delays or denials on claims
  • • Denying a claim without reason
  • • Misrepresenting the law or the actual language of a policy
  • • Delaying payment for valid claims
  • • Failing to complete a prompt investigation
  • • Threatening you
  • • Putting profits over their policyholder’s valid claims

What Happens When You File a TDI Complaint?

Once you make a complaint, the process can take between 60-90 days. During that time, the TDI will look over the evidence you sent along with your complaint. They will check the laws and your policy to see whether you have a case.

The next steps are all on the insurance company. The Texas Department of Insurance will contact the company and give them 25 days to respond.

What Results Can You Expect from a Texas Dept of Insurance Complaint?

Most of the time, the legal department of your insurance company will either handle the issue or pass it to a higher-up. Either way, you should see a resolution. 

However, this isn’t always the case. Some insurance companies will choose to ignore the complaint even if they risk fines. Unfortunately, Texas laws leave a lot of room for an insurance company to act in bad faith without breaking the law. 

The Texas Department of Insurance can only really punish insurance companies when they break the law. In these scenarios, you will need the support of a bad faith insurance attorney to deal with the insurance company.

When Should You Contact a Bad Faith Insurance Attorney?

Sometimes insurance complaints in Texas won’t get you the results you need. There are plenty of edge cases where the insurance is acting in bad faith but the law hasn’t been broken. If you find yourself dealing with the following circumstances, it’s time to hire a bad faith insurance attorney:

  • • When the insurance company denies that it is liable
  • • The TDI denies your complaint
  • • The facts of the case are in question
  • • The insurance was unfair but not violating the law
  • • Other civil issues

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