When Are Companies Legally Able To Deny Your Insurance Claim?

Although there are many cases in which an insurance claim is denied in bad faith, there are also many instances in which the denial is valid. How will you know whether or not the decision was appropriate and ethical?  The bad faith insurance lawyers at Millin and Millin are professionals who can help you determine […]

How to File a Bad Faith Lawsuit When Your Insurance Claim Is Denied

Your insurance claim has been denied and you’ve tried everything outside of legal action to get your problem resolved. At this point, you feel that the only recourse you have left is to file a lawsuit against your insurance company for acting in bad faith – so how do you go about accomplishing this? Bad […]

What To Do if Your Insurance Claim Is Denied in Bad Faith

Everyday, policyholders file claims with their insurance company — and many of these claims are eventually denied.  When your insurance company doesn’t properly compensate you for the unpredictabilities of life, bad faith insurance lawyers can step in to give you a helping hand. Experienced law firm, Millin and Millin, wants to take the time to […]

Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers and The “Duty to Defend:” What You Should Know

The fact of the matter is that individuals need insurance for a variety of circumstances. From protecting our families to protecting our property from the unpredictability of the world, insurance is essential.  But what happens when an insurance company doesn’t follow through with its end of an agreement? This is where bad faith insurance lawyers […]

How To Know When You Need Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers

At some point in life, you will likely have to enter into an agreement with an insurance company whether it be for healthcare, a home or office, or a car. The concept is fairly simple –  you purchase a policy to cover any losses in exchange for a monthly premium. If you receive a note […]

Calculating Hurricane Damage Compensation in Texas

Insurance helps us respond to disasters with strength by providing the funds we need to rebuild our damaged properties, homes, businesses, and replace our lost valuables. Understanding the procedures insurance companies use to provide relief aid will help make the recovery process smoother.   The Road to Recovery After you have presented a claim for damages, […]

Why Was My Hurricane Claim Denied?

When tragedy strikes, we are often left emotionally vulnerable. When an expected safety net, like homeowner’s insurance, also fails us, the resulting confusion can lead to anger. Hopefully, this listing of common reasons for why insurance claims are denied (and what can be done to avoid denial) can help bring calm and sense back to […]

What You Need to Know About Hurricane Homeowner Claims

Gulf Coast living provides many exciting recreational activities that the land-locked residents of most other states do not get to experience. But these opportunities come with a risk; warm-water hurricanes. Homeowners know they must prepare for these events, and that includes knowing how to purchase insurance that will help you rebuild in case your part […]

Where Should I File My Bad Faith Insurance Lawsuit?

There’s no denying that insurance coverage and insurance claims can be frustratingly complex and confusing. Unfortunately, this is especially true of cases in which a person needs to sue their own insurer.  Even seemingly simple questions, like where to file your suit, can lead to complicated and unclear answers. Still, if you had an insurance […]

M&M: Keys To Legal Savviness in 2021: How Knowing Your Rights Is The First Step In Protecting Yourself

Keys To Legal Savviness in 2021: Know Your Rights to Protect Yourself The pandemic has affected all of us in a wide variety of ways, few of them good. Along with the wave of harmful events that affected businesses and individuals alike came a wave of insurance claims related to that harm. Unfortunately, proving your […]